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Post by trimark24 on 9/4/2010, 4:12 am


Do you still play the old version ran online?now i will introduce a 2010 update of latest version GGRan which update at the same time with the korea side.i believe GGRan will give you the new joy.
※ highlights of the game※
★Our server will be better than the other in the exp, gold and items.After playing it,you will immediately feel its value.
★The only lastest Ran Online Version with the korea and taiwan In the world. New maps ,new items,new weapons,new skills,new mobs and new systems
New mobs: outside female yibianti(mussel shell),outside male yibianti(mussel shell),outside female yibianti (giant claw), outside male yibianti (giant claw)
New maps: outside leonine B1. outside leonine B2. outside leonine B3. outside leonine playground,new outside four temple, dead cell jail
New weapons: uncommon soul weapons, silver armors
New defence tool: beautiful and strong suit-silver suit
New skills: newly changing skill --- mind of cool Mora, jump of cool Mora
Mad of cool Mora, bleshing of cool Mora
★It is up to you to choose Extremely cool style or fashion insider.our server can supply more than 60 kinds of latest clothing weapons and hair styles,so you can dress yourself as you like.(all newly clothing can be got from the mobs)
★pet transform card,pet stylish card.you may choose as you like.the latest korea pet transformation.let powerful boss do your pet.
★After creating a character, the character can learn 90% skills. You can get other skills from mobs or boss.
★new account may creat male or female extreme characters.at the same time,to guarantee the balance of all occupations and let all occupations can get pk easily,our server test and adjust the defence and attack of the extreme occupation.so all players can choose your favorite occupations.
★ You can get many point ticktets from the mobs easily.At 8:00PM-9:00PM every Wednesday and Saturday, CW event. The winning guild can get many points coupons .you can enjoy the game without eps.
★Online Earn EPs: 1 hour earns 2eps
★You can achive alomost all of the maps by bus without doing the test.
★The latest and highest version among all ran private servers in Phillipines. same version as Korean official. Latest weapons and armors, new maps, new skills.the game will be the topest of all.
So what are you waiting for?take your weapons to enjoy the games with your friends.All miracles will begin from GGRan.welcome your challenging!!!

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