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T>my account EN2 shammy to ur extreme

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T>my account EN2 shammy to ur extreme

Post by pepitojettt on 16/9/2009, 11:42 am

T> my babyran account EN2
char name: -kheNG-
type of char: shamy- PURE VIT
items: +10 angel set
primary earrings
lover heart(forever)
special voard glasses
2pcs DSR
+10 honor dead spirit wand
char name: _SaYaw_DaRLinG_
typeof char: extreme
item: same as the above
+9 machete

items in bank: x8 bracelet
honor gaunt (int)
yellow board glasses
3 batteries
w/ char extender card
my account can have 3 characters

trade it to ur extreme fulset / godzilla
even if it is not fulRB

my # is 09284371963
or email me @ pepito_mapagmahal021@yahoo.com
PM niu quh s YM


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